Personal Service.

The position of Sales and Marketing Director at an exclusive resort spa provided a segue from a retail executive for Nordstrom to Kane’s current career as a massage therapist.

Kane was one of the original 12 therapists hired by the Montage Resort and Spa. The Spa at Montage earned the first Michelin 5 star ranking ever awarded and Kane became one the first therapist to complete a 250-hour education in spa therapy while employed. Now in private practice, Kane specializes in Neuromuscular therapy, a type of sports therapy commonly used in physical therapy. Kane’s fascination of physiology has kept her education extensive and diverse she has over 1500 education hours and a description of these modalities may be found by clicking the My Services tab.

When not in her Laguna Beach studio Kane enjoys surfing, yoga, cycling and spending time with Tim her husband of 11 years.

Private Massage Studio.

Set apart from the hustle and distraction of the 'everyday', the private studio is just blocks from the Pacific Ocean and offers you a relaxing, tranquil setting to experience your massage therapy.

From the outer garden courtyard to the interior studio, everything has been created to enhance your experience and no detail has been unattended. You'll find immaculate surroundings in a beautiful setting!

Client Testimonials.
Just because massage feels like pampering, it isn't any less therapeutic. Read what these clients have to say about their personal experiences and increased health.

Back and Neck Pain Relief.
"After having suffered from a painful neck injury since 1987 as well as a genetic abnormality called Scheurmanns Disease, which resulted in degenerative and bulging disk problems, I have had the good fortune to find someone who has helped relieve the pain that from time to time flairs up in my back and neck. After my last episode with my back and having had an MRI and being told that cortisone injections as well as possible surgery were the inevitable course of treatment, I found that after three visits to Janet with her extensive knowledge of the sources and reasons for pain and nerve irritation, that she was able to relieve the pain in my back and I was able to continue on with my normal routines of life, PAIN FREE! I would certainly recommend Janet to anyone who suffers from any type of back and neck pain as she offers many excellent alternatives to traditional western remedies." Jorge, Artist. Laguna Beach.

Healthy Resource.
"With extensive knowledge of physiology and an intuitive ability to "connect" to her clients, Janet has provided me with a wonderful resource to maintain optimum health. Thanks Janet!" Marion L. Schuller MS, A.T.,C, NSCA.

Janet is a Gift.
"I have enjoyed her incredible artistry for several years but when I have a particular issue with my body, her advanced training and years of experience really make a difference! I recommend her without reservation. " Tim. Laguna Beach.

Headache Relief.
"I have had migraine headaches for over three decades and have tried many approaches to alleviate them. Through various massage techniques, Janet Kane was able to find and has released chronic tension in my neck and head. Now, when I find myself briefly returning to prior positions that create that tension, I am aware of the posture that I can quickly shift myself to, thanks to Janet Kane's massage therapy!! " Rachel, Professor.

A wide variety of customers and therapies.
Clients come from a wide and diverse background. From the City of Laguna Beach to all over Southern California and beyond. Athletes, business professionals, and patients in post rehabilitation are just a few of the examples of the types of individuals I am capable of helping.

Alleviate low-back pain.

Exercise and stretch weak, tight or atrophied muscles.

Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts.

Increase joint flexibility.

Reduce postsurgery adhesions and swelling.

Relieve migraine pain.